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RPiA #69 - The Disappearing SeaBass

Posted by Ted Price On April 5, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Just in time for the start of a new season! Jamey, Sean and Ted talk about Elvis' new contract, just how good is Yu and who needs to step it up the year for the Rangers.

Stargazing #39 - Oh Captain, Bye Captain

Posted by Ted Price On March 29, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Brandon. Brad and Erin give their last goodbyes to Dallas Stars captain Brenden Morrow and discuss what his trade to PIT could mean for the rest of the roster.

Stargazing #38 - Brenden Dillon

Posted by Ted Price On March 7, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Defending Big D talks with Dallas Stars defenseman Brenden Dillon about the team's chemistry during the shortened season, their push to the playoffs and roommate hijinks.

Stargazing #36- Prediction Time

Posted by Ted Price On January 17, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

The Stars' season is right around the corner, and Defending Big D is talking about their expectations for the team, the Jamie Benn contract situation and how the shortened season will affect the Stars' play.

Stargazing #35 - Better Late Than Never

Posted by Ted Price On January 9, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Hockey is back and everything is OK! Defending Big D is talking about it with Stars President and CEO Jim Lites - discussing everything from the team's current roster, marking efforts and new uniform developments!