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Stargazing #53 - Ummm Yeah

Posted by Ted Price On November 20, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Remember that show we did last week about the Stars finally breaking their losing streak and turning things around? Yeah, about that… Robert, Wes and Brandon try to make sense of all of this and what the team can do to break out of their cycle of bad luck.

Stargazing #52 - Streak Breaking

Posted by Ted Price On November 13, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Erin, Robert and Wes celebrate the Stars finally breaking out of their early-season slump to win a game on the road against the Coyotes. Plus, what does the Gonchar trade mean for the young players on the team?

Stargazing #51 - Frustration

Posted by Ted Price On November 6, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Wes Lawrence and Erin Bolen take a look at the first few weeks of the Dallas Stars season and their recent run of bad luck. Is this team equipped to break out?