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Texas Boot Room #30 - Cold Shower

Posted by Ted Price On January 30, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

A string of frustrating draws has all the guys on edge and looking for blood. Join them for this very entertaining - and therapeutic - venting session.

RPiA #17 - Everybody’s Movin’

Posted by Ted Price On January 21, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News joins Jamey, Adam and Ted to talk about the changes in local Rangers coverage, the Michael Young/Elvis Andrus saga and free agency updates.

Texas Boot Room #29 - The Wrath of Abell

Posted by Ted Price On January 15, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

After a long lay-off, the boys have a lot to get off their chests: from Rafa’s contract, to his curious lineup changes to a streak of dropped points. Plus, Derek breaks an all-time record for amount of whistles needed in one podcast.