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Stargazing #58 – All The Friggin’ Goalies

Posted by Ted Price On March 6, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

Soooooooo…. goaltending…. amirite? What can the Stars do about the remainder of the season between the pipes and what can they do about the future? Plus, how do the Stars determine what they have going forward with just a few weeks left in the season?

Stargazing #57 – Where Do We Go From Here

Posted by Ted Price On February 19, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

So, where exactly are the Stars? What will they do at the trade deadline? Are they buyers or sellers? Do they make a push or look towards the future? These and other pressing questions are tackled in this week's Defending Big D Podcast.

Stargazing #56 – If This Is It

Posted by Ted Price On February 5, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

A rookie sensation and a league-leading scorer… still not enough to make a dent in the West nor enough for Wes, Taylor and Brandon to speculate on if the Stars will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline.

Stargazing #55 – Take A Break

Posted by Ted Price On January 22, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

It's the All Star break, but there is plenty to talk about: a first-half assessment and what the Stars need to do to make a push for the playoffs in the second half of the season.

Stargazing #54 – Expectations

Posted by Ted Price On December 18, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

The Dallas Stars haven't lived up to expectations may be the understatement of this hockey season. Buy why? And what can be done? The Defending Big D team try to figure it all out… before it's too late.